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They can't see me

but I'm still here

10/17/09 12:08 am - [video]

[Al's back in the armor, of course. No, he totally wasn't moping after his wish was granted and it was brutally torn away from him and his soul was put back in the armor, not at all. The camera's on a steady surface to show Al standing in his Marshall apartment. He waves before continuing.]

Is it over? Looks like some people are starting to come around, thankfully. Does anyone know what could've caused it? Seems to short of a duration for Malice. ...I'm not sure I want to know the death rate for this. Hopefully no one was mutilated.

Ah... anyway, sorry I was so scarce! I was, um, busy. As much as I like being... well. The way I was, I gotta admit, this body has certain perks! Are you ready to come out now? No more murderous tendencies, right?

[He looks down and opens up his chest plate.

Behold: one terrified, shaking Latvia curled up inside of the armor. Poor country probably wasn't expecting this.]

Sorry about that, but you did chop my head off. It was the easiest way I could think of to keep you restrained! U-um... yeah. Sorry.

[Lativa comes up with the most articulate response he can: he screams and cries. Startled, Al too lets out a cry and stumbles over. It's like a screaming party over here. They land with a "clang!" and the post times out.]

10/5/09 07:55 pm - [video]

[At first the video swings across Al's armor... well, except, the eyes aren't lit up anymore. Usually that means he's dead. But, no, Al's voice comes through the communicator! Actually, it's just chattering teeth accompanied by laughter.]

F-figures th-this would happen during fall!

[Despite the complaints, he pretty much sounds on the verge of tears from sheer fucking JOY. The camera turns; behold an extremely emaciated, long-haired, hobo-looking Alphonse Elric. (Wait-up view, thankfully). Holy crap he is crying! Al doesn't really realize it though. He's a little too busy being cold and naked.]

H-hah! Good news is that I'm not sneezing maggots this time. D-does, um, anyone want to lend me a pair of pants?

...Brother? Dad?

9/13/09 02:10 am - [audio] this is how I come off hiatus

Still no sign of Bra▒▓░

...I had ▒▒omething to say, but I think I'll wait until the communicators stop malfunctioning. There's no--

[MASSIVE STATIC ATTACK ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ FOREVER no wait now you can hear Al screeching]


Omigosh hi Al~!

[Guess. Who.]


You're soo░o echo-y! I bet if I like, sang a song in here, it'd be l▒e there were two Lindas! It would be the best song ever!

[And then she starts singing. Sure enough, her voice echoes in Al's armor. There is static, but you can hear her singing and Al still begging her to get out.]

Al should si░░with me!

...I-if I sing, will you ░░░░░?



8/22/09 03:06 am - [text]

Sorry it's been so long, everyone! I've been a little busy with research, not to mention trying to repair the room without alchemy. After going home for so long, it's been taking me a little longer to get back into the swing of doing things with the chip in.

OH! Latvia! I heard about Russia, are you alright?! I'm so sorry I haven't dropped by, I've just gotten so caught up lately!

So... question. What sorts of magic can people do here? Are there any limits to what you can do?

Locked to EdCollapse )

7/21/09 09:06 pm - [voice; english]

--looks like nothing's changed at all, there's even still ash in the air-- Oh, it's on! Nearly forgot how to use this thing.

Um... hello? Anyone remember me? Alphonse Elric, the kid in the amor. I'm back! Probably not something to get excited about, but I've missed everyone, and it's not as though homelife is any less chaotic.

Looks like little time has passed here, weirdly enough. Either that, or Discedo has broken its record for miserable weather. Why is the ash red? Please tell me this is because of geological reasons and not.... At least now I don't have to worry that the world is going to end while I'm here. Thank you, manipulated principles of time and space. You're an inspiration to scientists everywhere and a relief to all those here.

Anyway! I don't even know where to begin with what's happened to me in my time away. Last thing I remember is Yoki running over Pride with an armored car and us, Dr. Marcoh, and Heinkel heading towards Central... if... that makes any sense to anyone other than me. Probably not. So rather than take an hour to explain all of that, I'd rather find out who's still here. Kamui? Miranda? Eriol? Latvia? ...Mr. Hughes?

Is my brother back too? Or, er, still here? ...Damn time stream.

6/24/09 11:57 pm - [voice; english]

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'M SO SORRY.

I-I don't normally... erm, most of you know I don't normally act like that, and-- oh man, I really punched a stranger through a window?! Wh-whoever that was, I didn't mean to! I... someone said something about malice, but I don't remember anything beyond that. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, I swear! Kamui, Miranda, Fai, everyone, I'm so sorry. I know an apology doesn't change what I did, but I hope you'll forgive me.

And I'm sorry for lying too. About... you know. My armor. If you're mad about that, I understand, but I really did keep it a secret for good reasons. Or... at least, saying that I'm sick is a much easier explanation than the truth. Erm. I'd rather not talk about that right now, though.

I'm just gonna clean up the mess I made and hide forever.

...Brother? Winry?

6/20/09 05:09 pm - [Video]

[OOC WARNING: LINKS CONTAIN SPOILERS TO THE FMA MANGA (uhhh Chapters 84-87 I believe) so don't click them if you care.]


YET ANOTHER OOC NOTE sorry guysCollapse )

6/10/09 10:09 pm - [voice; english] not a monster yet but GETTING THERE AHAHAHA

[The communicator turns on as though it'd been thrown against a wall. The scene shows Al... pretty much tearing the apartment apart. Smashed electronics litter the floor and other things... just seem warped by alchemy. Al himself is on the edge of the camera's vision; only his feet can be seen.]

Nngh. What's wrong with my head-- my seal? But I guess none of you would no about it.

[The comm is kicked. You are now staring at a shot of Al without his chestplate. Al, with no fucking body controlling his armor WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS. To make things creepier, the helmet's eyes are glowing an even brighter red than normal.]

Because if I tell, people start assuming, o-or asking questions! I can't tell back home because of the damn law, and I can't tell here because the last time someone knew what I was, I WAS FUCKING MURDERED!

[He claps and punches the wall, which then slowly breaks apart to reveal the wires and insulation and all that good stuff. Al's voice takes on a more desperate tone. People would probably be more sympathetic if he wasn't, you know, acting like a goddamn lunatic.]

Wh-why do people keep punishing me?! I know what I did was wrong, I'm living proof of that! If you can call this living. I couldn't help mom, I can't help Brother, and all people ever want to do when I ask for help is use me! What the hell is wrong with people?!

[One scream of frustration and another clap later, and the screen goes black. Whoops, looks like the lights just went out in the apartment.

All that can be seen as the device clicks off are Al's red eyes glowing in the dark

5/21/09 07:38 pm - [audio; english//video]

[Everything is, predictably, utterly dark on the communicators screen. The only thing that can be seen is the outline of Al's legs and hands.]

...I just spent the past half hour finding my way out of a maze. It got easier after I realized that making holes with alchemy only made things worse, but seriously. What was that?! And this:

[The communicator swings around to witness... Al's armor. Glowing a bit from within due to glowy-things. What. The light goes on and off; looks like the little bursts of light got a tad lost in that maze too. It doesn't help that the lights are moving around inside his armor.]

THIS IS JUST CREEPY! Whatever these are, they're all inside me and I can't get them out! I don't mind the mazes so much, or the dark, but WHY THIS?! G-get out of my armor, I need that!

[Al waves his arms (and thus the communicator), frantically trying to get the lights out. IT'S NOT VERY EFFECTIVE... so poor Al just growls in frustration.]

Somehow, I really think I would have preferred flying. At least that would be fun! This is just... embarrassing.

5/16/09 11:26 pm

Oh. This again. Please don't let anyone proposition me this time!

Um, welcome back everyone?

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