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They can't see me

but I'm still here

Alphonse Elric
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In 1900, Alphonse Elric was born in a small town called Resembool. His childhood was a fairly normal one--aside from practicing alchemy with his older brother, Edward. Despite the absence of their father, they brothers grew up happily with their mother and close friend, Winry.

Unfortunately the happiness could not last forever. Not too long after Winry's parents were killed in the country's civil war, Al's mother fell desperately ill, and nothing could be done to save her. Loneliness, depression, and childish ignorance drove Alphonse and Edward to commit one of the greatest laws of alchemy: they would attempt to bring their mother back to life.

The two studied tirelessly until they finally took the final step. Everything seemed to be going right... until the alchemy backfired. What was created was a deformed creature that looked much like an inside-out woman. At first they thought that perhaps they had brought back their mother as a monster, but they would come to learn that (much to their relief) it wasn't mother at all. it Alphonse was pulled into something know as the Doors of Truth, a mysterious realm in which a humanoid entity (sometimes referred to as "The World" or "The Truth") resides. As it was later revealed, after his soul and body had been split inside the Doors, it had temporarily taken refuge in the creature's body before it was rejected and sent back within the Doors. In an attempt to save his brother, Edward Elric sacraficed his arm in exchange for tying Al's soul to a suit of armor.

However, there is hardly any safety in such. A human soul is not compatible with anything other than its original body, and eventual rejection in inevitable whether it be in ten seconds or ten thousand years. Alphonse has yet to feel any of the beginnings of rejection, but he is still very aware of the situation.

After both Al and Ed had recovered from the trauma, the young boys then burned their family home and left on a journey to regain their original bodies. Edward became the youngest State Alchemist in history in order to do so, gaining access to otherwise restricted information and forming lasting friendships with several members of the military. The two came to learn of an item called the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary object that bypasses the law of Equivalent Exchange. As the two travelled, the more they learned, the more questions rose. Among things encountered: a prince from Xing (Ling Yao, also called "squinty-eyed prince") who is also pursuing the Philosopher's Stone to gain immortality, Scar (the man who had killed Winry's parents during the war), the Homunculi ("artificial humans"), and countless others that left a lasting impression on Al and Ed.

Before arriving at Discedo, Edward, Ling, and Envy had just escaped from within Gluttony's stomach. The cannibalistic homunculus had led Alphonse to his "Father" after Gluttony had swallowed his brother, and the boy convinced him it would make Father very happy. Alphonse was immediately overwhelmed with relief that his brother had arrived back safe and the two spared a family moment admist the chaos around them. They then noticed "Father", an obviously inhuman creature who resembles their father, was able to heal them, and performed alchemy without any motion or circles. The brothers attempted an attack on Father, but their alchemy had suddenly disappeared and they were apprehended by the Homunculi. Father then turned Ling into the new Greed by putting the stone in his bloodstream, but re-introductions were cut short as Scar and Mei Chan entered. As it turned out, they could use alchemy when the Elrics could not. The brothers reveal to Scar that the Homunculi were responsible for his peoples' genocide, and he quickly launched an attack, wounding himself in the process. Alphonse's heart of gold comes to light as he allowed Scar to escape only to protect a girl he barely knows. The Ishbalan created a dust explosion and disappeared, leaving Alphonse alone.


His first few hours, he found a sick kitten who had most likely wandered in from his world. Talking to it, petting it, and trying to keep it out of the acid rain, he soon realized that the cat was in desperate condition. Ignoring his own safety, he ran towards the nearest shelter where he came upon Harry Mason. But by then, it was too late for the little kitten.

Shortly after his arrival, chimeras ascended from the sewers to attack the city. Many perished above the surface, and those that remained returned below ground. He followed them to see if he could learn of their origins, perhaps a way home or a clue to the whereabouts of his brother, but he found nothing more than more chimeras.

When Simon Tam was kidnapped and tortured by Larxene and Marluxia, Alphonse joined Harry Mason, Sweeny Todd, Raz, and others to go on a rescue mission. Larx and Marly died and came back, much to everyone's displeasure. Al was very befuddled by this, but now holds hope that the key to his restoration is here. Shortly after, he and Peter Pettigrew (whom he didn't quite trust) band together to "save" a girl named Linda. The two became fast friends, and the experience improved his view of Peter. A little.

A virus hit Discedo, just adding to the most shitty things to happen ever. While the scientists worked on a cure, Peter and Demyx succumbed to the illness, and Linda and Simon also began showing signs of getting sick. Luckily, those who had perished came back and the rest were innoculated against it.

One of the most important events occurred when he revealed his biggest secret to Simon Tam. While revealing his blood seal to the doctor, Simon discovered a microchip on it. Al proceeded to flip the fuck out. After calming down a bit, he encouraged Simon to remove it. During the procedure he had a near-death experience akin to that when Martel's blood splashed on his seal. Simon emo'd thinking he killed Al. Al awoke, gave Simon a very painful hug, and saw perhaps one of the doctor's first smiles in Discedo.

The removal of the chip allowed his alchemy to return, albeit with a loss of control. He finally managed to regain control after about a week, and is currently using it to help restore the city and provide its people with what they need.


Edward Elric: Alphonse's brother and literally his lifeline. At first, Al had been upset that his brother would be put in such risk by being here. Now that they've settled, they're as close as ever, attempting to both rebuild the city and regain their original bodies. If Edward died, Al would pretty much lose the will to live. Whoops.

Winry Rockbell: One of Al's closest friends from home. Both Ed and Al were extremely upset that Winry had arrived (as they were both concerned about her welfare), but despite everything, both recognize her as an amazingly strong person in her own right. Even if she's proven herself to fare well in Discedo, Al still worries about her constantly. If anything ever happens to Winry, Al will go off. Note to everyone: do not mess with Winry.

Maes Hughes: Another of Al's friends from Amestris. Needless to say, Alphonse was overjoyed and utterly shocked to see Maes, well, alive again. He doesn't even want to consider the possibility that Hughes won't be returning home with all of them alive and well again, so he simply ignores any evidence otherwise. Hughes may be a man of the military, but again, one of Al's hobbies is to worry senselessly about his friends. Especially since he has a record of, you know. Dying. Al tries to be enthusiastic about the pictures of Elysia, but even he can only take so much.

Harry Mason: The first person Alphonse met. Though the man started out in Discedo as very bitter, Al never believed him to be a bad person. As Harry slowly warmed up, the two grew even closer. Now, Harry sees Ed and Al almost as sons, and Al loves him like he would a father.

Simon Tam: The first person Alphonse revealed his secret to. He has and continues to literally trust Simon with his life, and really does look to please the doctor. Simon left Discedo only to return without his memories. Even so, Al is trying to rebuild his relationship with the doctor while trying not to be a blabbermouth.

Linda: A girl Alphonse "saved". She was the first to call him cute (not the last though, surprisingly), and the cheery girl became a quick friend. He was devestated when he thought he might lose her when the virus hit, but still tried to help her keep hope. She too left Discedo for a while and returned sans memories. Upon her return, though, Linda was eager to befriend Al again.

Demyx: A man Alphonse often agrees with, and actually likes him quite a bit. The Nobody's quirky and usually upbeat personality make him an ideal person for Al to get along with.

Nani: An older sister. Her concern for her sibling and her outward kindness remind him of the family that's been left behind. Still, he enjoys her company immensely and thinks of her and a great person and great sister.

Umi: Another girl who called him "cute". She seems to like teasing him, but Al holds no hard feelings. Quite the opposite, he actually likes her and the two share their optimistic thoughts about the future.

Raz: A boy who helped him in the Tam rescue. Al doesn't know him too well, but what with Raz's bright and spazzy personality, it's no doubt he and Al will get along awesomely.

Mona Lisa: A salamander mutant and one of Al's first friends in Discedo. She's an extremely sweet girl, and Al is barely bothered by her mutation. His only issue with her is that she insists on teasing him and making him blush (well, as much as a suit of armor can blush).

Walter Sullivan: The dude that killed Al, Linda, Simon, and countless others. Alphonse is trying desperately not to outright hate the man, but he will never forgive the man's actions and is still bitter about his selfish intentions. Nonetheless, Al promised Walter that he wouldn't give up faith in him if the murderer tried to redeem himself. Al will still kinda hate him, though.

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